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October 2020 2-part sessions, 4 days of learning

The Closer Look Forum is a different kind of online learning experience. Created by New England Assistive Technology (NEAT), it is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of assistive technology. One day a week for one month, you will have the opportunity to engage in focused topics that will help increase independence in your students and loved ones.

The first two weeks will involve topics under the theme of Learning, and the second two weeks will cover topics under the theme of Living. Each topic will be divided into two meetings. The first meeting will be presentation-based and led by an AT specialist. Attendees will have a week to digest the topic and submit questions and comments. That feedback will then be discussed during a “closer look” second meeting. Topics will include the following and so much more:


  • What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and How Can it Help Kids in School?
  • AAC Companion Programs are Here to Help! Editing, Creating Materials, and More!
  • Alexa: The Virtual Teaching Assistant


  • Mobile Apps to Make a Day in the City Accessible
  • Living in the Accessible Gaming World
  • Automate Your Life: The Simple Way to Make Smart Tech Work for You

Attendance Options Include the Following:

Option 1
4 full weeks of the Closer Look Forum including:
Learning Session: Week 1 & 2
Living Session: Week 3 & 4
And access to the Archived Webinar Library: $295

Option 2
1 Session (2 weeks) of the Closer Look Forum, selecting one of the following:
Learning Session: Week 1 & 2
Living Session: Week 3 & 4
And access to the Archived Webinar Library for that session: $195

Option 3
Access to the Archived Webinar Library for the entire Closer Look Forum: $150