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As the “Insurance Capital of the World,” Hartford’s insurance cluster—with its $14 billion output—remains crucial to the economic, social, and political fibers of our region. Major players in the industry like Cigna, The Hartford, Aetna, and Travelers call Hartford home because of its strategic location in the Northeast plus favorable cost of doing business.

Aviation innovation and advancement are central to companies like United Technologies and Pratt & Whitney that are working to revolutionize aircraft engines and powered flight.

The downstream metal products sub-sector in Hartford generates a $2.4 billion output and impacts over 15,700 jobs. Manufacturing is big business in Connecticut. More than 103,000 people are employed in Connecticut hospitals and health systems, with a large concentration in the Hartford Region.

Broadcasting giants such as ESPN, iHeartMedia, and Entercom Communications Inc. have chosen the Hartford Region to tell sports, news, and music stories to the world.

The Hartford Region is Home to Six Major Industries