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Hartford Region Transportation

Hartford is a well-connected metro region in the northeastern U.S. The region boasts excellent transportation infrastructure through Bradley International Airport and the intersections of New England’s major highways I-84, I-90, I-91, and I-95, which traverse the entire East Coast.


Bradley International Airport was ranked the nation’s fifth best airport by Conde Nast Traveler in 2019 and offers over 200 flights daily to 32 domestic and international destinations in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and Mexico.

Commuter Rail

The Hartford Line deploys 17 trains per day that connect Hartford to New Haven and 12 of those trains continue to Springfield, MA. This creates an easy access to New York City via MetroNorth.

Freight Rail

There are 10 privately owned freight railroad companies operating in Connecticut.

A Well-Connected Urban Core

Hartford’s well-connected transportation infrastructure supports convenient access for the workforce to move throughout the region.

It features a bus system, CTfastrak, that serves 26 towns in the Hartford Region to Connecticut’s first Bus Rapid Transit system to programs that make bicycling and walking safer.