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Hartford’s diversity makes the region both unique and inclusive. Greater Hartford attracts and celebrates a variety of cultures, religions, and ideologies.

From a global perspective, companies large and small are drawn to the Hartford Region because we have the resources to connect them with the right businesses, organizations, and people to help them feel at home—whether it’s an Israeli healthcare company creating a presence in the region, an Indian technology company creating an innovation hub in Hartford, or a South African InsurTech company establishing an office in the heart of the city.


  • Around 231,000 people speak a language other than English at home
  • Population of 1,213,531 people
  • Over 90 languages total
  • The most common languages spoken are Spanish (126,613), Polish (22,886), and French (15,974) Foreign Born 254,433
    (Source: Census, 2020)
  • Our largest immigrant communities are Puerto Rican (42,000), Polish (22,886), Jamaican, (18,641), and Indian (14,832),
    (Source: Census, 2020)


What I love about Hartford is, the Hispanic and multicultural business owners know we are part of something here, whether they’re Dominican grocery store owners or Peruvian and Columbian restaurant owners,” emphasizes Maria Lino, Principal, The Latino Way. “Our common goal is to make Hartford successful and have a city where every business, big or small, plays a key role in the economy of the city.”

“Hartford has a diverse population from artists to businesspeople; everyone who lives, works, and attends school here has so much to offer. The various backgrounds, whether culturally, economically, or creatively contribute to Hartford’s various perspectives and unique attractiveness,” says Hartford Yard Goats Foundation Executive Director Tiffany Young.

“What makes Hartford unique is our diversity. I feel we’re a microcosm of the world. There are all kinds of sections in Greater Hartford: Italian, Polish, Jewish, and historically Black. You can find everything in Hartford. It’s all here,” notes Andréa Hawkins, Partner at The Clarion Group, Adjunct Professor at School of Business – Central Connecticut State University, and co-owner of Berkins Blend Café and Berkins on Oak.



Racial Equity and Economic Development Committee

Mission: To help the MetroHartford Alliance progress racial equity in economic development by increasing issue awareness and developing impactful programming that results in concrete action.

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