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Aquiline Drones (AD), an American drone manufacturer and cloud technology company, is now catering to tech enthusiasts by offering a complete, ready-to-assemble (RTA) commercial drone kit to the public. For the tech-inclined hobbyists, drone lovers, and students, these high-end drones can be assembled with basic tooling (included) in less than a week. The announcement is perfect timing for those looking for a unique gift idea that’s guaranteed to arrive in time for the holidays.

“Despite the extreme shortages and detrimental delays in our nation’s current supply chain, we are taking the anxiety out of the gift-giving process by ensuring that all drone kit orders will arrive in time for the receiver’s holiday celebration,” said Barry Alexander, Founder, and CEO of Aquiline Drones. “Having created a unique drone solutions ecosystem, we are happy to provide access to our line of commercial drones, the Spartacus Hurricane, as a model kit for do-it-yourself (DIY) audiences who may also desire generating income from this hobby.”

Through its strategic partnership with French drone designer and manufacturer Drone Volt, AD was able to take action to get ahead of the supply chain fallout through the preorder of inventory well in advance of what is being experienced today. “Certainly, we try to do our part to ensure that at least some have a happy holiday,” adds Alexander.

Individuals who purchase these RTA commercial drones can also enroll in hands-on training courses in Hartford, to be trained by AD’s engineers and ground flight instructors.

The coveted Spartacus Hurricane drone is a fast, durable, lightweight, rapid deployment drone that weighs under 5 pounds, flies over 55 mph, and includes dedicated software. Each drone kit contains detailed instructions, parts, tools, step-by-step videos, as well as live manufacturing guidance to ensure product quality and flight success. When completed, the Spartacus Hurricane can assist the needs of videographers, home inspectors, construction site surveillance, and many other commercial applications.

“Building your drone will give you a strong understanding of and appreciation for all aspects of the hardware, including aviation, programming, electronics and physics,” said Alexander. “We hope that everyone takes advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity as a Spartacus Hurricane drone kit will certainly make you the envy of your friends and family members.”

The limited-production Spartacus Hurricane drone kit costs $4,999 plus shipping and can be ordered directly from Aquiline Drones at  Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Orders placed by December 10th will guarantee delivery by Christmas.  As a Christmas bonus, purchasers will be given free access to AD’s popular Flight to the Future online commercial drone pilot training course.  Visit for more information on this world-class program.


About Aquiline Drones

Aquiline Drones Corporation (AD) is a progressive American drone manufacturer and cloud solutions company located in the financial district of Hartford, Connecticut. Founded by CEO Barry Alexander, AD’s core management comprises highly experienced aviators, systems engineers, IT gurus, military personnel (including veterans), and business strategists.  AD delivers a vertically integrated blend of products and services. These include an aviation cloud for commercial drones, U.S.-based drone manufacturing, drone “maintenance-repair-overhaul” (MRO) services, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions for large enterprises and governments, a superior line of Spartacus drone products, a robust UAS training academy, and the country’s first ‘drone-on-demand’ service enabling customers to order drone services through a proprietary mobile app. AD’s full spectrum of technological solutions is widely applicable across countless industries and environments for superior, real-time data processing and insights. Visit for more information.