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5G Promises Massive Job and GDP Growth in the U.S.

From AT&T New England

According to new research from Boston Consulting Group, in collaboration with CTIA, 5G deployment will contribute $1.5 trillion to U.S. GDP and create 4.5 million jobs in the next decade. Per the report, the growth will occur directly through infrastructure investment and indirectly by enabling innovation that transforms all sectors of the economy.

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  • 5G Jobs and Technologies Will Help Solve America’s Challenges
  • 5G will influence and enable the industries and technologies of the next decade, per CTIA’s report. These are the jobs and technologies that will help us address our country’s biggest challenges, like climate change, educational inequities, and access to health care — issues that often affect marginalized communities the hardest.
  • The 5G Economy Will Bring Economic Benefits to Communities Big and Small, According to the CTIA Report

With these benefits flowing for the next generation of wireless connectivity, we also need to ensure all Americans benefit from the 5G Economy. That means closing the digital divide. Wireless is already the broadband on-ramp for millions of Americans, but policymakers and industry must work together to drive more broadband adoption.

Policymakers Play a Critical Role in Enabling a Successful 5G Economy

Per the CTIA report, to make sure the U.S. realizes the full benefits of the 5G Economy, policymakers should free up more mid-band spectrum and encourage 5G infrastructure deployment. Each six-month delay could mean a loss of $25 billion in benefits and threaten the U.S.’s competitive and technological advances in the industries of tomorrow.

AT&T is committed to working with our state and local governments in Connecticut to make sure our state is at the forefront, with the infrastructure and opportunity to make 5G the backbone of a thriving innovation economy.

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