My Favorites

Did you know people come from all over the world to visit Connecticut in the fall? Before COVID-19, many tourist sites were crowded this time of year. Now that travel is limited, we have many places to ourselves.

The Farmington Valley has places like Hill-Stead Museum, which is not only a beautiful, architecturally significant historic site with Claude Monet’s paintings of Haystacks on the walls, but also had outdoor features that include stunning grounds, a sunken garden, and diverse cultural events. From education to poetry to music and dance, enjoying the fall foliage from this special spot is a true delight.

If you have little ones, you can take them apple picking and pumpkin hunting locally, and when they’re conked out in the backseat, take the long way home by driving the scenic backroads. The Fall Foliage Report indicates that peak foliage is right around mid-October and is predicted to be nothing short of magnificent, which we can all agree we deserve this year!

For those looking for grown-up hiking trails off the beaten path, there is Auerfarm which has six different trails to explore. Located in Bloomfield, CT, it has after school enrichment, education, and many ways to learn about, engage with, and enjoy nature. More rigorous hiking can be found on the Metacomet Trail, part of the 215-mile New England National Scenic Trail, which includes most of three single trails: MMM or TripleM (or 3-M) Metcomet-Monadnock-Mattabessett Trails. Finally, hike Talcott Mountain to the Hueblin Tower!