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Hartford, CTChrysalis Center, Inc. has been named a Champion “Barrier Breaker” by the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH), a national organization that works to end chronic homelessness across the county.

As one of the first organizations in the state to embrace supportive housing, Chrysalis Center was awarded this distinction during the CSH’s 30th Anniversary and the 2021 Supportive Housing Symposium held virtually last month.

The award describes Chrysalis Center as a “beacon in the field for exceptionally high-quality supportive housing and their commitment to the resident experience, community supports and employment.”

Chrysalis Center, through its Community Supportive Housing Programs, focuses on the critical and growing issue of homelessness in our communities. For more than 20 years, Chrysalis Center has provided a home to individuals struggling with homelessness, mental illness, substance use, Veterans, HIV/AIDS, families involved with DCF and those returning from incarceration. The organization’s Community Supportive Housing offers a variety of supportive housing services that help formerly homeless individuals and families find, obtain, and maintain safe, affordable, permanent housing in the community. Chrysalis provides support services to address the issues that caused participants to become homeless helps to foster long-term housing stability.

“At Chrysalis Center we know that life events can often cascade into homelessness, which can intensify physical well-being, mental health, and substance use issues, making securing long-term housing virtually impossible. By providing a network of supportive services, our Community Supportive Housing programs help individuals and families secure safe and affordable housing, and work toward eliminating challenges that led them to homelessness,” said Sharon Castelli, CEO of Chrysalis Center.

The goal of Chrysalis Center’s Community Supportive Housing is to help clients find and maintain stable housing long term.  

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About Chrysalis Center

Chrysalis Center is a private, non-profit, socially innovative, multiservice organization that serves individuals and their families living in the State of Connecticut. Chrysalis Center helps those living in poverty, Veterans, men, women, children, and young adults who are struggling with mental health, addiction, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, and those returning from incarceration. Find more information about how Chrysalis Center provides supportive services to assist people in need to transform their lives. Getting help, Getting better, Giving back. Visit us at Chrysalis Center.