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Dear Friends & Colleagues,


On behalf of Mayor Bronin, I wanted to let each of you know about some revisions to the City of Hartford’s mask mandate that the mayor has now signed into effect.


First, to avoid any confusion, be advised that Governor Lamont has extended his Executive Order permitting municipalities like Hartford to issue mask mandates. The governor’s order extends through February 15, 2022, and thus the City of Hartford’s now-modified mask mandate will also remain in effect at least through that date, unless earlier revoked.


Second, as a modification to the city’s mask mandate in effect through September, going forward masking will not be required for employees of employers that implement a vaccine mandate requiring employees to be vaccinated or to submit to weekly required testing for COVID-19 in a manner approved by the CDC or public health officials, provided these employees are working in non-public areas of said employer’s facilities.


Third, the City’s mask mandate previously allowed employees in non-public areas of a building to work unmasked, provided they were working alone at least six feet from other employees (for example, working alone at their desk), and provided that a partition was also put in place between those employees. Under the City’s revised mask mandate, so long as six feet of space is maintained, a partition is no longer required.


For additional details, please find the full text of the City’s revised mask mandate here:


Our thanks go out to all of you, your businesses and your employees for your compliance with the mask mandate to date, and for all your efforts to maintain business operations in Hartford despite the challenges of COVID-19.


If you have any questions I can answer, or if the City can otherwise be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Kind regards,



David Sinko Steuber

Chief of Staff

Office of Mayor Luke A. Bronin

City of Hartford

(860) 996-4264 (mobile)


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