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Connecticut Public has announced the launch of a new, free, multi-platform children’s service – CPTV PBS Kids 24/7. The new television channel will be available on multiple platforms, including over the air statewide, making high-quality PBS educational programming available to more than 500,000* underserved Connecticut households.

CPTV PBS KIDS 24/7 will be available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, ensuring that age-appropriate, educational content is available to all children and caregivers on a platform and at a time that works for them, including primetime, weekends, and other out-of-school times.

In addition to the over-the-air and cable channel, this multi-platform service also includes a live stream on multiple digital platforms and an interactive gaming feature.

“This initiative allows us to reach more than 500,000 underserved households throughout Connecticut,” said Connecticut Public President and CEO Mark Contreras. “Parents and students can access this rich educational material with or without Internet access. Families and students only need a television set and rabbit ears. It’s critical now that our parents, caregivers, teachers, and kids are facing the challenges of distance learning. We are committed to doing everything we can to make the trusted and educational programming from PBS Kids available for free to all families in Connecticut.”

CPTV PBS KIDS 24/7 programming is supplemented by extensive on-line tools, games, and activities designed for teachers, parents, and caregivers to extend learning at home for ages 2-8. These can be found at the Connecticut Public learning portal at

CPTV PBS KIDS 24/7 Replaces ‘CREATE’ Channel

To make this possible, Connecticut Public will re-purpose its CREATE channel with CPTV PBS Kids 24/7 on October 1. Viewers can still watch many of the popular travel, how-to, and cooking programs from CREATE on SPIRIT, Connecticut Public’s channel for the “doers,” “makers” and “adventurers” who crave more active ways to feed their curiosity. Find your local CPTV Spirit channel here.

Where to Access CPTV PBS Kids 24/7 Channel

The new CPTV PBS Kids 24/7 channel will feature programming for children ages 2-8, offering all of the trusted national PBS Kids content parents depend on, at the times and on the platforms that are most accessible to them. This includes:

  • Over the air channel 24.2
  • On cable services [access by town can be found at cptv/findmychannel]
  • Online at
  • Through the CT Public Video App
  • Through the PBS KIDS Video App
  • On the video player at
  • On Mobile (iOS, Android, Amazon Fire)
  • On OTT (Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV)
  • On the video player at
  • Through YouTube TV for subscribers

For a complete schedule of programming, visit

About Connecticut Public:

Connecticut Public is home to Connecticut Public Television and Connecticut Public Radio, which together serve nearly one million citizens each month, as well as many digital and online platforms. Through our mission to inform, educate and inspire the people of Connecticut, we connect people of all ages to high-quality journalism, storytelling, education, and experiences, and amplify the voices of our diverse communities.  Connecticut Public is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with a $22 million annual budget, funded primarily through community support from individuals, foundations, and corporate sponsors.