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Connecticut has been a national leader in our COVID-19 response efforts. However, as the country heads into winter, flu season, and into holiday gatherings – the risk of spreading COVID-19 has become higher, and even Connecticut is seeing a spike in cases.

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Several factors contribute to the holidays being a high-risk time to spread the virus, including:

  • Traveling to communities with high concentrations of COVID-19 cases;
  • Gathering (indoors or outdoors) with friends and family outside of your local area;
  • Participating in larger, longer gatherings;
  • Traveling for long periods of time in enclosed spaces like buses or airplanes; and,
  • Risky behavior like not wearing masks, or not social distancing around family members and close friends.

No matter how you celebrate – it’s critical to make a plan to ensure that you keep yourself, and your family as safe as possible.

Read the full report at the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health website.