My Favorites

For the new school year, to expand the talents and purview of CREC’s top-level leadership group, we have added two veteran CREC Directors to our Executive Leadership Team (ELT). Carlos Figueroa, formerly Director of Human Resources, is now our Chief Human Resource Officer; and Heather Tartaglia, formerly Director of Student Services, is now our Chief Program Officer. They join Executive Director Greg Florio, Deputy Executive Director Sandy Cruz-Serrano, and Superintendent Tim Sullivan on ELT. These changes are made to acknowledge their value to our agency and also prioritize two key initiatives for CREC:

  1. Focus on talent development and supporting our staff to assure we are providing excellence in all of our programs.
  2. Assure CREC is developing programs and services to meet the needs of our partners throughout the region and assuring CREC has the resources to be creative and innovative.

CREC is thrilled that these dynamic and effective leaders will help CREC achieve these goals and continue to thrive.