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Economic development is an evolution for every region. According to the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), economic development is at the core of well-being and quality of life for communities across the United States.

Launched by IEDC in 2016, Economic Development Week was created to promote local programs, like Hart Lift, an initiative from the Hartford Chamber of Commerce that create jobs, advance career development opportunities, and enhance a community’s vibrancy.

This year, Economic Development Week takes place May 9 – 13. The MetroHartford Alliance (MHA), along with the nation and the world, joins the celebration by recognizing our accomplishments and continuing our mission to recruit businesses to the Hartford Region, develop a dynamic urban core, and attract and retain talent.

“Our successes, large and small, should be celebrated. We’re proud of the achievements our region has made,” noted MHA President & CEO David Griggs. “While we’re well aware of the ongoing and future challenges, we’re delighted to have a week that focuses on the regional successes we’ve been a part of—that sense of collaboration and spirit of celebrating our region is why we do what we do,” he added.