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(October 10, 2023 | HARTFORD) – The Connecticut Democracy Center (CTDC) is appealing for nominations for a newly established award to celebrate Connecticut residents committed to strengthening democracy through acts of citizenship, service, and community engagement. The CTDC will host the first annual Connecticut Democracy Center Awards at Connecticut’s Old State House on February 1, 2024, to pay tribute to business, community, and philanthropic leaders across Connecticut. The first Philanthropic Leader Award will be in memory of Mary Gawlicki, who served on the CTDC Board from 2018 to 2023. Nominations for community and business leaders will be accepted through October 31 and can be submitted online at The process is quick and straighforward.

As a leader in Connecticut civics education, The Connecticut Democracy Center specializes in bringing people of all ages together, inspiring them to strengthen our democracy and community through productive civic engagement. The Connecticut Democracy Center Awards will recognize Connecticut community, business, and philanthropic leaders who represent the best of that engagement and whose stories inspire others to do the same. “In our nearly 25 years as an organization, we have worked with and witnessed some extraordinary acts of public service: in government, our schools, and our neighborhoods,” says William Bevacqua, President & CEO of The Connecticut Democracy Center. “We know that democracy is exactly as strong as its people, and where people make a positive difference, this new award exists to shine a light. Think of the people you admire and respect whose contributions don’t just inspire; they affirm that we’re stronger when we work together. We are looking for nominations because we want to tell their story.”

The Connecticut Democracy Center, founded in 1998, offers programs that provide people a lifetime pathway and tools to take civic action in their communities. CTDC offers ground-breaking and immersive civics and history programs, including Kid Governor® and Connecticut History Day®. Connecticut’s Old State House, managed in partnership with the Connecticut General Assembly, provides a unique setting for civic exploration. Exhibits, workshops, and events bring together civic experts, educators, historians, public figures, and the public for timely, nonpartisan conversations to explore historical and modern-day perspectives on government, democracy, and social issues. The Connecticut Network (CT-N), also managed in partnership with the Connecticut General Assembly, is the state’s source for complete and balanced coverage of Connecticut state government and public policy,

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The mission of the Connecticut Democracy Center is to inspire people of all ages to engage in civic life and strengthen their communities. We envision a society where everyone is empowered to participate in our democracy. With an entire family of civic education and engagement programs, CTDC provides audiences of all ages with the information and skills needed to be effective modern citizens and community partners in big and small ways.

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