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Contributed by Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc.

The past several weeks have been trying for everyone in Connecticut—parents, children, elected leaders, employers, employees, not-for-profits and educators.

The team at Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc. has seen and managed almost every type of crisis in our three decades of experience, but nothing compares to the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has had on our state. We know and understand the many challenges companies, small businesses, and organizations are facing, because we’ve been listening and helping them share their stories, retool their internal and external communications strategies, stay connected to their audiences, engage the media, and turn vulnerabilities they’re facing into opportunities.

As the state’s leader in crisis communications, we know that when a crisis first hits, you need to take immediate action to protect the trust you have built with your key audiences. Whether it’s your employees, customers, suppliers, investors, or the community—timely demonstrations of caring, agility, business continuance, and communication are critical to weathering the storm.

Using reliable resources, data, and our widespread network throughout government, the recognized lobbying team at Sullivan & LeShane has been steadily keeping our clients apprised of new COVID-19-related developments, while helping them to navigate the minute-by-minute changes we’ve come to expect each day and providing consultation on how they can do business in the months ahead.

By helping to expand childcare programs for healthcare workers through a state grant, opening a new market that enables manufacturers to provide much-needed supplies to the frontline of the COVID-19 fight, creating safety waivers for the return of bottles and cans to grocery and convenience stores, providing parity for a manufacturer that could offer needed supplies but was prohibited by state law, and securing waivers on non-urgent regulations for community-based physician offices—our team has been making things happen and positioning a variety of spokespeople as “thought leaders” who can communicate need-to-know facts and best practices for their industries.

We will continue to ensure that those we serve are prepared and ready to react and respond decisively as changes and new obstacles from the pandemic reveal themselves.

The businesses that will endure beyond this pandemic are preparing their proactive agendas now. With our help, clients are taking advantage of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program and other state and federal stimulus programs. They’re also identifying new ways to add technology and utilize their workforce, so when they come out of these challenging times, they have a focused plan to rebuild, restructure, and renew their contributions to the economy and their communities.

Three things are certain in the coming months. First, this difficult time will pass. Second, there will be a new normal once it does. Third, Sullivan & LeShane will continue to be accessible as we work full speed to design and deliver successful outcomes for our clients throughout this crisis and into the new normal.

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