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The Mandell Jewish Community Center’s Holistic Health Options Partners with Cut Out Cancer, Offering Scholarships to Cancer Patients


West Hartford, CT – The Mandell Jewish Community Center is honored to announce its holistic health arm, Holistic Health Options, is collaborating with the nonprofit Cut Out Cancer, Inc., a monthly complimentary spa and support program for people undergoing cancer treatment.

Cut Out Cancer is offering generous scholarships for cancer patients to use at Holistic Health Options at the Mandell JCC, which offer a variety of holistic services ideal to assist cancer patients with the mental, emotional and physical effects that cancer and its treatments can cause.

The mission of Cut Out Cancer, a local organization run by a group of female friends is to inspire and comfort those going through cancer treatments by providing special care and healing through salon and spa services that target specific symptoms or for those who just want to feel pampered. The services are furnished through the Milano Salon and Day Spa located in Bloomfield, CT.

“Sadly, the pandemic has made it harder to offer the these services the same way we used to,” says Ronit Shoham, one of the organizers of Cut Out Cancer, “As we continued to think about ways to help our cancer community, it became apparent that the wellness programs and services offered through Holistic Health Options at the JCC fit nicely with what we are trying to do.”

Holistic Health Options, LLC, which provides an extensive array of wellness and holistic services and classes on the JCC campus – joined the organization in 2020. Holistic Health Options has oncology certified massage therapists, nurses, a naturopathic physician, and health and life coaches to aid individuals with fatigue, nausea, peripheral neuropathy, pain or stress.  Services include acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathy, private and group yoga, nutrition consultations, and sound and energy therapy.

“This is such a special partnership,” says Sharon O’Brien, Mandell JCC Community Wellness Directory. “Research shows that holistic approaches that complement your treatment plan, such as acupuncture, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and yoga, may help manage cancer symptoms and side effects of treatment. Dealing with cancer is already stressful on the mind and body when you factor in the side effects that specific treatments cause, so therapeutic methods can be so meaningful in helping to alleviate some of the pain they experience.”


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