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Connecticut Public has announced the launch of an exciting new radio show and podcast, Audacious. Hosted by Chion Wolf, the program airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. beginning June 6 on Connecticut Public Radio.

Through edgy, candid, thoughtful storytelling, Audacious invites you to listen in on intimate conversations people don’t usually have publicly, ultimately creating a place of deeper, more human understanding. Wolf poses the hardest, most uncomfortable questions—audacious questions—with a sincere level of curiosity and compassion.

You’ll hear what it’s like to pass time with the dying from a “death doula,” what it’s like to have speech disfluencies from a man who’s always stuttered and how it feels to go through a mastectomy from two women who struggled through them.

Chion Wolf is a host and producer at Connecticut Public Radio. A long-time contributor to The Colin McEnroe Show, Chion is a favorite of Connecticut Public listeners as well as a popular producer of local live events, including The Mouth-Off, a live storytelling event at The Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford. Most recently, she hosted US in the Time of Coronavirus on Connecticut Public Radio.

“I think it’s a really audacious act to go to these vulnerable places and talk about things that scare people,” Wolf explained. “I’m being vulnerable, guests are being vulnerable, and these are delicate and often misunderstood topics.”

“Audacious is an experiential radio show that is a reflection of the curiosity of being human,” said Tim Rasmussen, Chief Content Officer at Connecticut Public. “We get to listen to stories of shared experiences and many that we don’t share but these tales can elevate, connect, and help us understand each other.”

“Chion Wolf has a natural ability and empathy towards other people that comes across in the strong connections she makes with her guests as they share with her their stories of joy, hardship, humor, and pain that makes us all just a little more human.”

You can hear Audacious on Connecticut Public Radio (90.5 FM) Saturdays at 10 a.m. beginning June 6, streaming at, and as a podcast, available at the App Store and on Google Play.

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