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In an effort to help small business owners reduce their energy costs and impact on the environment during this difficult time, Eversource is extending its enhanced incentives for common energy-saving measures for small businesses to October 15.


Any small business in an Eversource service territory can visit the Energize Connecticut website: or call 877-WISE-USE to learn more and request an assessment. If a customer has concerns about COVID-19 and doesn’t want a technician to visit their business at this time, they also have the option of a virtual pre-assessment via phone or video call.


After the assessment, you will receive a report outlining energy-saving opportunities, many that can be installed on the spot for instant savings. You will also receive information on rebates and incentives to offset the costs of additional energy-saving recommendations. If you participate in a virtual pre-assessment, energy-saving products you can install yourself, such as LED lightbulbs or advanced power strips, will be mailed to you.


Upgrades eligible for the enhanced incentives include faucet aerators, spray valves, showerheads, pipe insulation, building envelope insulation/weatherization, HVAC air duct sealing, LED lamps and fixtures, lighting controls, Wi-Fi and programmable thermostats, variable speed drives as well as HVAC, plug load, refrigeration and vending machine controls.


The enhanced approach will be available through October 15, 2020, or while funding lasts.