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Blue Earth Compost has launched a campaign called “Fall of Giving” that partners with area non-profits to raise money for their important programming while increasing the amount of homes composting their food scraps.

The concept is simple. Blue Earth Compost will donate to a non-profit organization for every person that signs up for their residential service. Blue Earth offers collection services consisting of either weekly or every-other-week pickup of food scraps in a 4-gallon pail.  In return, each customer is entitled to get up to 3, 50 pound bags of finished compost per year.

Everyone that signs up during the campaign will have the ability to choose one of five non-profits that are involved in the campaign. The non-profit they choose will receive a donation equal to the first month’s payment. The more customers, the more food we get out landfills and incinerators and the more impact these great organizations can make in our community. It’s a win-win!

Here are the first five organizations we are working with:

Community Dining Room
Connecticut River Conservancy
Hands on Hartford
Loaves and Fishes
Women & Family Life Center

Please spread the word about our campaign and encourage your friends and neighbors to sign up at