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The Amistad Center for Arts & Culture presents The Fatherhood Manologues from The Manhood Tree.

February 10, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. streaming live from The Manhood Tree Facebook page.









The performance of the Fatherhood Manologues is an exhilarating collection of short stories about fatherhood.  Each story provides a unique point of view on being a father or being fathered.  All the stories will take you on an emotional roller coaster that reminds the audience of the important role fathers play in the lives of their children.  The Fatherhood Manologues also add focus to the significance of having an involved fathers or the impact of father absenteeism as it pertains to individual’s manhood journey.   With societal stereotypes and social expectations wrapped tightly around the term “fatherhood” the Fatherhood Manologues is a much needed artistic expression of men creating their own narratives.   Funny, entertaining, serious and sad, these stories will have you wanting to reconnect and repair broken relationships; as well as, reflect on the bond with your own father. 
After each performance, a panel discussion is held to unpack the stories, answer questions and elaborate on the themes expressed in the stories. The panel discussion is also an opportunity for the audience to share what they felt through the performance and share the impact the Fatherhood Manologues had on them.
To read more about the Fatherhood Manologues, go to: Fatherhood Manologues – THE MANHOOD TREE
Event will be livestreamed on The Manhood Tree’s Facebook page.  Register now.