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 March 18, 2022 

Media Contact:
Dan Osborne, Chief Executive Officer, Gilead Community Services, Inc.
Dan Cell: 860-836-1608 

Gilead Community Services Direct Care Union Staff Participate in Informational Picket 

Waiting on the Governor and Legislature to approve a budget for an increase in rates, the workers of District 1199, SEIU, took part in an informational picket to call for increased wages at Gilead’s main campus in Middletown 


Middletown, CT. – Members of Union District 1199, SEIU, from Gilead Community Services, Inc., participated in an informational picket today, March 18th at 12pm. The picket is the result of an ongoing effort to push for significant compensation increases for Gilead employees. Collectively, Gilead is calling on the Connecticut Legislature and the Governor to adequately fund all the committed nonprofits throughout the state who are dealing with many of these similar challenges. Over the past 15+ years, Gilead has only received a single 1% increase, to then be followed by a funding recission that more than offset that increase. As a result, Gilead has been unable to provide employees with the regular increases that they deserve. 

“I am dedicated to enhancing the compensation for all Gilead employees to ensure they are able to earn a living wage and develop their careers at Gilead Community Services,” said Dan Osborne, Gilead’s Chief Executive Officer. “I am committed to hiring and retaining the highest quality workforce to meet the healthcare needs of the people we serve. As a staff member at Gilead for the past 21 years, I am devoted to supporting our loyal staff who make Gilead the go-to mental health resource in Middlesex County. This message was delivered today at 222 Main Street Ext. in Middletown, but it needs to be heard at 210 Capitol Ave. in Hartford. We need the Legislature and the Governor to provide the funding increases that nonprofit organizations in this state need to pay our employees a living wage.” 

Gilead is presently engaged in negotiations with the union in which they have offered a compensation increase that would raise wages above the 4% increase that has been allocated, but not yet provided by state funding sources. Gilead urges our legislative leaders and the Governor to use the resources at their disposal to change the pattern of underfunding nonprofit agencies in Connecticut. 

“The staff at Gilead include some of the most compassionate and courageous people who are committed to serving others. They provide essential, high quality services and have done so throughout the pandemic.” said Osborne. 


Gilead Community Services is a private non-profit organization, that empowers personal growth, independence and recovery through improved mental health, physical well-being, and community integration. Over the past 53 years, Gilead has provided essential services to our community that have helped people with mental health disabilities recover and improve their quality of life. Gilead champions opportunities for recovery and growth through supportive and collaborative services that are marked by excellence, compassion, innovation, and integrity! Gilead is an affiliate partner of Oak Hill whose mission is to set the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health, and dignity. 

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