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HARC, Inc. Hartford ’s Annual Walk n’ Roll will adhere to strict COVID-19 protocols observing social distancing through staggered arrival times. Attendees are required to wear a mask. Details here.

The event is open to the public, is free to attend, and is appropriate for all ages and abilities, but you must reserve your tickets in advance.

You can donate directly, start your own fundraiser, or create your own team of walkers to raise money for Harc.

The walking happens inside the concourse of the stadium. If the weather permits, we can also walk outside. It isn’t a race, and there isn’t a set distance. People walk at their own pace. There will be games and activities for everyone throughout the park. SockStarz will also be there, and our 70th Anniversary commemorative socks and t-shirts will be available for purchase! Meteorologist and Harc supporter Joe Furey is our master of ceremonies. As we celebrate Harc’s 70th Anniversary, we will honor our Founding Families throughout the event. Many of the people Harc supports and their families will be in attendance.

Reserve your tickets here.