Does your organization have a mission or project idea that could contribute to the goal of dismantling structural racism in Greater Hartford?

As part of our mission, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is taking significant steps to dismantle structural and systemic racism and achieve equity in social and economic mobility in Greater Hartford’s Black and Latinx communities.

To advance this overarching vision, we created Access Grants. Nonprofits and community organizations with ideas to advance this vision are encouraged to learn more and submit a proposal.



All nonprofits, or community groups with a fiscal sponsor, that serve Greater Hartford and have a mission or proposed project that could be an effective strategy or approach to dismantle structural racism, including by advancing equitable social and economic mobility, are eligible to apply. The Foundation welcomes new approaches to advance its outcome areas, as well as new ideas that may fall outside or cut across these outcome areas, but still contribute to this broader vision.

The Foundation has outlined criteria to assess and prioritize requests for Access Grants.  Please review this before applying. If your request does not fit, please contact the Foundation to see what other opportunities may be available. You may direct questions at any time to: applications@hfpg.orgAtención disponible en español también.


Requests of up to $50,000 over a period of one year will be considered. Grant award size would be in alignment with the size and scope of the work, the agency’s capacity to implement the work, and its expected impact.  Requests may support new projects or existing efforts, including operating support for organizations who have a mission that is dedicated to dismantling structural racism.

We recognize that work to dismantle racism and advance equitable economic and social mobility will require sustained efforts, beyond one year. As such, Access Grant recipients that are able to demonstrate the potential for impact during and beyond the grant period will be considered for continued support in subsequent years.


There will be two rounds of Access Grants made in 2021. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis, with Foundation review of applications received by May 15, for awards on June 15, and by August 15, for awards on September 15. Applications received by “closing dates” will be considered in that round. Unsuccessful applications will be held for consideration in future rounds.

  • May 15: Closing date for first round consideration
  • June 15: First set of awards
  • August 15: Closing date for second round consideration
  • September 15: Second set of awards


Visit our grant portal and take our eligibility quiz to determine whether you are eligible for an Access Grant. If so, you can submit an application through the portal.



The Foundation will host the following virtual information session for anyone who would like to learn more about Access Grants.

Tuesday, April 13
9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Click here to register

You may direct questions at any time to: applications@hfpg.orgAtención disponible en español también.


Some organizations may want to focus internally first to see their own areas for improvement within DEI in order to better position themselves to work for equity in their community. Would Access Grants offer assistance for this area of focus? Would a grant proposal receive more points if there is collaboration among agencies? Why are Access Grants mainly one-year support, given the long-term nature of the work? Can a grant cover capital expenses for a current project that fits the criteria of the Access Grants? What might be ways an organization can improve an application if they are not funded initially?