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Nonprofit organizations across Greater Hartford are facing an increased demand for services while they struggle to raise enough money. Several local nonprofits are proactively meeting this challenge through social enterprise: selling a product or service that complements their mission and supports the financial sustainability of the organization.

This self-sustaining approach to revenue generation is new to many nonprofits in Greater Hartford. In response, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving launched the Social Enterprise Accelerator, designed to help organizations expand beyond traditional grants and donations. The first cohort of ten nonprofits was launched in 2019; now, a second cohort of six is engaged in the process.

In March, the Foundation announced a matching challenge: 50 percent of every dollar of start-up capital raised by the nonprofits in the cohort (up to $20,000) would be matched by the Foundation. The six organizations raised approximately $234,000 prior to the June 8 deadline making them eligible for more than $115,000 in matching grants from the Foundation.

Each organization held a “Fast Pitch” session in March when they presented their business plans to current and potential donors and made a direct ask for financial support toward startup capital needs. The matching challenge officially ended on June 8.  However, the six organizations are continuing to raise capital for their ventures.

“The enthusiasm and effort that area nonprofit organizations have brought to the Social Enterprise Accelerator program has exceeded our expectations,” said Director of Capacity Building and Nonprofit Support, Melanie Tavares. “While the creative ideas these organizations have been building are truly exciting, we were even more impressed by their level of commitment to developing detailed and viable business plans. Nonprofits in Greater Hartford have an appetite for social enterprise and a need for new revenue sources; we are proud to help them meet that need.”

This cohort began the three-year program in the summer of 2021 with a series of four intensive workshops on social enterprise. Of the 28 agencies that started the program, six were accepted for additional business plan development, implementation support and fundraising coaching. The Social Enterprise Accelerator is provided in partnership with No Margin, No Mission, a national consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofits increase their earned income and entrepreneurial capacity.

The six nonprofit organizations participating in the program are:

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