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HARTFORD ― As part of ongoing efforts to make accessing quality healthcare easier for everyone, Hartford HealthCare (HHC) has teamed with OnMed, an innovative care delivery company, and The Village for Families & Children (The Village), a human services agency addressing community health for more than 200 years, to open the OnMed Care Station at The Village’s 331 Wethersfield Avenue location in Hartford.

The care station — the second opened in Connecticut by HHC and OnMed — connects users ages two  and up to licensed clinical professionals for private, oneon-one, virtual healthcare visits in real-time.  OnMed services at The Village are open to the public and available weekdays with no appointment needed.

“This is another example of how Hartford HealthCare is transforming healthcare by creating innovative, high-quality care options,” said Jeffrey A. Flaks, president and chief executive officer. “The Village, in the South End of Hartford, is an ideal partner for this service, allowing us to provide convenient, affordable care to area residents, workers and The Village’s many clients and employees.”

The OnMed Care Station enhances the array of healthcare already provided by Hartford HealthCare’s Neighborhood Health team to the underserved populations served by The Village.

The medical professionals available through the OnMed Care Station can address 85% of the concerns discussed in a typical primary care visit, including the capture of key vital signs. People commonly use OnMed for:

  • Respiratory illness
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • Infections

Patients needing additional care ― such as routine cancer screenings, immunizations or help for more complex injuries and illnesses ― will be given referrals from the OnMed provider. E-prescriptions are also sent when needed to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. Patients of the OnMed Care Station have access to prescription medications at the pharmacy on-site at The Village if they choose.

“We have created a solution for many of the barriers patients face in accessing quality, affordable care, especially in underserved, rural and remote areas where access has become such a significant problem,” said Howard Gruverman, President of OnMed. “Even beyond such communities, OnMed represents a real alternative to traditional brick and mortar offices or clinics, which are increasingly difficult to build and keep open even in densely populated or smaller markets due to funding challenges or staff shortages.

“We are especially proud to partner with Hartford HealthCare for their innovations in advancing the delivery of quality care to the communities and populations they serve.”

“As one of the largest providers of mental health services in Connecticut, we see how interconnected physical and mental health are for our clients. Integrated care is critical for wellness and this initiative, housed at our Village South facility, will make a real difference. We’re proud to help lead this effort in Hartford alongside our partners at OnMed and Hartford HealthCare, to make a significant improvement and to increase healthcare access in Hartford,” said Hector Glynn, president and chief executive officer for The Village.

Visiting OnMed
The OnMed Care Station looks like a small doctor’s office, with seating for those waiting to be seen. In a connecting room, patients access the Care Station, pressing “start” on a screen to connect instantly and virtually with a certified nursing assistant or certified medical assistant, who walks them through the intake process. This includes:

  • Activating care station privacy features, including fogging and locking the glass door to the room.
  • Completing patient consent.
  • Collecting patient demographic information and medical history.
  • Verifying identification, insurance and/or payment.
  • Documenting patient symptoms.
  • Collecting vital signs such as weight, temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen level.

Patients are then connected with an OnMed clinician for the live virtual visit. The Care Station is equipped with several medical-grade diagnostic tools to provide the clinician an accurate, real-time view of all vital signs. The Care Station also features high-definition thermal imaging cameras to help providers better examine the patient’s skin, eyes, ears and throat as needed to diagnose infection and other conditions.

The provider can then offer a diagnosis and treatment plan, including recommended medications and referrals. Encounter notes are stored securely in the patient’s OnMed medical record and My Chart which can be shared with other necessary care providers.

Once the visit is done, the clinician ends the call and unlocks the door. After the patient leaves, the door is briefly locked again so the station can be cleaned and made ready for the next patient.

The OnMed care station is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visits are conducted in English, although support for additional languages will be available soon.

Additional HHC/OnMed locations will be available later this year in other locations across the state.


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About The Village
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