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Healthy eating is an integral component to health care. Eating right and picking healthy food options helps maintain good health and reduce the risk of chronic disease throughout all stages of life. However, many people lack access to healthy food or knowledge about a healthy diet.

Hartford Hospital’s “Food4Health” program strives to provide and fuel patients and community members with fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthy items. This summer the program has established an even more exciting way to provide people with healthy food options.

On the rooftop of one of Hartford Hospital’s building, sits a hydroponic garden system developed and put into place with the help of Levo International. Levo International is dedicated to creating food security solutions to help build stronger communities through partnerships such as the one with Hartford Hospital.

This innovative, self-sufficient garden grows tomatoes, peppers, green beans and lettuce. The vegetables harvested go directly to the Food4Health clinic and patients at Hartford Hospital.