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The Hartford Public Library hosts a Hartford Harvest Celebration Saturday, October 23rd: 11:00am to 3:00pm

Ebony Horsewomen Equestrian & Therapeutic Center, Keney Park

337 Vine Street Hartford, CT 06112

Celebrate and learn about Indigenous life and community here in Hartford and in Connecticut with live music, storytelling, dance, horse rides, and more in Hartford’s own beautiful Keney Park.

Featuring artists Lee Mixashawn Rozie, Nizhoni Kilgore, Khaiyan Kilgore, Kheymoni Parker, Patricia Kelly, and Young Blood Singers.

Lee Mixashawn Rozie is a practicing multi-disciplinary and internationally acclaimed Jazz artist. He Is also the author of Indigenous Roots of Social Evolution: Interpretation of Historical Data.

Nizhoni Kilgore is an 11-year-old member of Mashantucket Pequot tribe. She has been dancing since the age of 5. Her dance is from the eastern blanket of The Native American culture. The history behind the blanket dance is known to be the dance of life. This dance symbolizes the birth of a young adult and fully-grown woman. The dance represents cultural and tribal stages of life. At the end of the dance, her blanket closes to symbolize the stage of adulthood. The adult woman ends with their blanket on the ground in front of a man in readiness for courtship.

Nizhoni will perform with her brothers; Khaiyan Kilgore (8 years old) and Kheymoni Parker, who is 6 years old. They will be doing The Eastern War Dance and the crow hop dance.

Kaleb J Garrett is a Hartford resident of mixed heritage. He is African American and Native American of Nansemond, Haliwa Saponi and Tuscarora tribes.

Patricia Kelly is a former U.S. marine, award-winning community leader and equestrian trailblazer with a storied history as a Black cowgirl, Patricia E. Kelly has been at the helm of the Hartford, CT-based non-profit youth organization Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. Equestrian & Agricultural Center for the past 30+ years.