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Healthy Trucking of America Offers WellSpark Health‘s CDC Recognized Diabetes Prevention Program to the Transportation Industry

Program will help drivers make sustainable, lifelong changes in habits that reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

FARMINGTON, Conn., Feb. 2, 2021 – WellSpark Health, a leading wellbeing, disease prevention and management company and Healthy Trucking of America (HTA), an organization that is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the country’s professional drivers, have partnered to deliver a demonstrated diabetes prevention program to professional truck drivers. The innovative program is tailored to understand and respond to the unique realities truck drivers face when managing their life and health on the road.

Since 1997, HTA has been working to improve the health and wellness of truck drivers, both independent owner/operators and fleet drivers. HTA offers professional drivers solutions for a healthy and fit lifestyle where they work and live – on the road.

“We chose to work with WellSpark because of their ability to deliver relevant, customized programs to hard to reach populations. Our drivers need solutions tailored to the challenges of being on the road for extended periods of time. That’s what WellSpark will deliver,” said Bill Gordon, President of HTA.

WellSpark’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) has been recognized as exceeding national averages of traditional CDC Programs, yielding increased average weight loss and reduced A1c levels.

“We are excited to partner with HTA and bring our life dimensional approach to health to professional truck drivers across America. The trucking industry plays a vital role in our nation’s economy and truck drivers face unique health challenges on the job. WellSpark’s certified lifestyle health coaches work to understand each person’s unique situation—the choices they make around food and exercise—as well as the family dynamics, mental health, culture and everything else that plays into a person’s health. Building trust, we’re able to identify specific barriers to health, as well as find ways—and reasons—to help hard to reach populations, like professional truck drivers, get and stay healthy,” said Roberta Wachtelhausen, WellSpark’s President.

HTA will begin offering WellSpark’s program to over 700 fleets representing 200,000 member affiliates in February 2021.

About Healthy Trucking of America (HTA)

Healthy Trucking of America was established in response to the alarming statistics concerning the unhealthiness of the professional truck driver population. Over-the-road professionals have a lower average life expectancy and exhibit above average occurrences of a wide variety of ailments and conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, obesity, and more. HTA offers programs to improve the health of professional drivers and is the leading authority on driver health and wellness issues. Learn more at

About WellSpark

WellSpark Health, a leading wellbeing, disease prevention and management company, delivers a full suite of customized programs designed to support the modern workforce in achieving their personal well. Working with WellSpark, employers create a culture of health motivating employees to engagement and enduring change. This ultimately leads to mitigating future healthcare costs, improving productivity and engagement, and reducing absenteeism. Based in Connecticut, WellSpark serves public and private sector employers throughout the United States. WellSpark is part of the EmblemHealth family of companies. For more information, visit