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Are you ready for 2022’s major religious and cultural holidays?

Prepare yourself by learning about some of them … before they arrive.

Help create an inclusive environment of safety and belonging for your teams.


March 30 | Islam: The Two Eids in Context

Get ready for Ramadan (it’s coming up on April 2nd) by engaging with two top Muslim scholars to learn about Islam’s major observances, holidays, and how they pertain to the workplace. Ramadan, for example, is the month of fasting. What is the history and spiritual meaning of Ramadan? How do Muslims feel coming to work during this season? What do Muslims want us to know about their practice? What are best ways to accommodate Muslims and have them at ease in the workplace during this period?
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June 15 | African American and Black Heritage: The What, Who, and Why of Juneteenth and Kwanzaa

Engage with two top Black scholars on the meaning and importance of Juneteenth, our newest federal holiday. And how significant is Kwanzaa? Learn answers to this and other frequently asked questions, as well as how these two holidays can serve as a bridge to better empathy and understanding across difference— in the workplace, and in general.

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September 14 | Judaism’s High Holy Days, plus a Passover Primer

Many know of the Jewish High Holy Days (a.k.a. “the holidays”) but how much do you really know about their deeply spiritual meanings and practices? What is important to know about Jewish observance and accommodations during the calendar yearWhat are the various holy day greetings you might offer? Two Jewish scholars address these questions so you can be prepared for the high holy days beginning the evening of September 25th.

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December 7 | When is Christmas? “The Holidays” for Christians

Christmas in January? Indeed, for some Christians! And for some, other feast days at that time year are at least as important! Why and how do various branches of Christianity observe Christmas differently? What does this mean for holiday greetings? Christmas parties? How might you rethink “the holidays,” bringing innovation and inclusion to your workplace? Two prominent Christian scholars lead this session and open dialogue about the Christian “holidays.”

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