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University of Connecticut alum Neal Magdefrau and his wife Michelle founded Electron Microscopy Innovative Technologies (EMIT) in 2014. The company provides long-term, daily, and hourly rentals of portable scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). Neal spoke with MetroHartford Alliance Content Manager Nan Price about the evolution of the company.

NAN: Why do you feel Connecticut is a good place to launch and grow a business?

NEAL: I grew up in Connecticut. I’m a UConn alum. So, my preference is to keep my company in Connecticut and be part of kind of the revitalization that’s going on.

In terms of technology, I think Connecticut has a big opportunity to support some of the growth that’s happening in the Boston area as it expands into Connecticut. Connecticut has a lower cost of living and we have a highly educated workforce. Our schools and colleges consistently produce some well-educated students and there are many resources available here. So, I think it’s perfect timing for Connecticut to tap into that growth.

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