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HARTFORD, Conn. (February 16, 2021) – seedership announced today that Infoshred LLC, a provider of secure document destruction, records storage and electronics recycling, has selected seedership’s community storytelling platform to track and visualize all their charitable contributions. Having one aggregated view of all the time, things and money they donate – as well as the organizations and causes they support – will help make their giving more intentional and highlight their positive impact for clients to see.


“We’ve really never told our community story externally. It’s something we’ve always done quietly,” said Stacey Lombardo, Infoshred president and founder. “The events of 2020 have shifted our perspective. People want to support businesses doing good in their communities, and we have realized that through our business we can encourage awareness of, and participation in, the causes that Infoshred is most passionate about. But it starts by leading through example, and making our good visible.”


seedership’s platform is helping Infoshred and other small businesses improve upon two key areas of their community giving: measurement and sharing. Its act tracking system provides small businesses greater clarity of their total investment back into the community. The kindness profile serves as a centralized location for all their charitable giving and social impact content, with one-click sharing across social platforms, email and anywhere else they connect with clients digitally.

The platform was specifically built for small, nimble businesses seeking to expand their online visibility and stand out in an authentic way. Understanding that small business owners and entrepreneurs wear many hats, and that time and resources are valued commodities, seedership places simplicity, value and affordability at the center of its design principles. The easy-to-use tools allow the creation of professionally designed digital profiles and content – without the need for graphics or coding skills.

Infoshred has given back to the community since it was founded 23 years ago. Their giving has evolved from simply writing checks to establishing The Giving Tree Fund, a donor-advised fund which provides grants to local nonprofits. It has also branched out to partner with clients in sponsoring shredding fundraisers and providing opportunities for employees to participate in giving.







“It’s not uncommon for a small business to be humble about their giving as it’s often done out of a sense of duty or simply because it’s the right thing to do. Their giving is genuine, personal and heartfelt,” said Jennifer Smithberger, seedership cofounder. “Today’s customers want their purchasing dollars to also make a difference and are seeking to support businesses that help them achieve that. Small businesses have an immense opportunity to deepen relationships by sharing the good they do and celebrating its impact with their customers. After all, it’s the customers’ support of the business that puts it in a position to be able to give back.”


“Stacey and her team are doing great work in their community, and we are honored to be a part of their journey, inspiring even more kindness and generosity,” Jennifer added.


To learn more about Infoshred’s entrepreneurial roots and how it’s giving has evolved, click here.

About seedership:
seedership is the simplest platform for a small business to create and share their authentic community story. We make it easy for them to bring together everything they give back, so they can connect with and attract customers who also care about their communities. seedership keeps the good small businesses do top of mind and easy to find, so it can help their business achieve more visibility, growth and community impact. To learn more about seedership, visit