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Men Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence

HARTFORD – Interval House has announced its annual Father’s Day campaign to rally men in the cause against domestic violence. Every year, the largest domestic violence agency in the State of Connecticut calls on men in the community to lend their names for publication in the Hartford Business Journal the week of Father’s Day. This year, the agency will print hundreds of names of men who stand to end violence against women in the June 12 issue of the paper.

“We know that 92% of abusers are men,” said Mary-Jane Foster, President and CEO. “The only way we will end domestic violence is with men who engage in healthy, respectful relationships standing behind us and setting strong examples for young men and boys in the community to show them there is no excuse for abuse.”

The Father’s Day initiative was born out of Foster’s mission to get even more men involved in the work that Interval House does. “So often in this field, we see women helping women,” she said. “But when men comprise the majority of the problem, they must play a leading role in the solution. We are profoundly grateful that so many men in our midst are eager and powerful supporters of this cause.”

Since 2009, Interval House has had a corps of supportive men on its advisory board, Men Make a Difference, Men Against Domestic Violence™. Thanks to the efforts of co-founder U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and other prominent Connecticut men, the message that domestic violence is a men’s issue has been spread throughout the State. A series of short, testimonial videos from members of Men Make a Difference are being published on Interval House’s social media accounts this week to encourage other men to participate.

You can add your name or the names of important men in your life to Interval House’s Honor Roll of Men at The deadline for publication in the Hartford Business Journal is May 26.

About Interval House
Founded in 1977, Interval House is the largest agency in the state of Connecticut dedicated to preventing and breaking the cycle of domestic violence. Through direct services in 24 towns and cities both East and West of the Connecticut River, Interval House assists 6,800 people experiencing psychological and physical abuse at the hand of a domestic or intimate partner every year. 24-Hour Hotline: (860) 838-8467. To support: