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HARTFORD – Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Interval House, the state’s largest domestic violence intervention and prevention agency, will go ahead with its annual gala fundraiser this spring…just kidding.

Billed as The Very Best Gala Ever, the event will feature no menu, music, décor or location. It’s The Very Best Gala Ever – The Gala That Isn’t!

“No Zoom, Skype or Teams either,” said Mary-Jane Foster, Interval House’s President and CEO. “We’ve decided to have a star-studded gala in spirit, letting our friends off the hook for yet another virtual event and instead asking them to be the superstars they are by sponsoring our mission.”

In 2020, Interval House provided services like emergency shelter, court advocacy and crisis counseling to more than 6,300 victims and survivors of domestic violence. Our emergency shelter housed 258 victims and served more than 23,000 meals. Hotline calls were up 24-percent as were the number of individuals reaching out for help. The agency’s advocates worked around-the-clock, placing more than 5,000 outreach calls to victims to make sure they were okay. The agency projects by the end of this fiscal year, it will spend more than $200,000 in unbudgeted expenses keeping clients safe during the pandemic.

“The pandemic has not only sent demand for our services literally through the roof, but we haven’t been able to hold the fundraising events that we so count on to pay the bills,” Foster said. “Our staff has been truly amazing and stepped up again and again, often at the expense of their own time and families, so we’re hopeful our community partners and donors, our superstars, will do the same by supporting The Gala That Isn’t!”

The Gala That Isn’t happens April 1 (April Fools!). Be a superstar sponsor with all the benefits or a magnificent bright star with a donation. Check out the opportunity to shine at Not kidding!

About Interval House
Founded in 1977, Interval House is the largest agency in the state of Connecticut dedicated to preventing and breaking the cycle of domestic violence. Through its direct service and community outreach in 24 towns and cities both East and West of the Connecticut River, Interval House has touched the lives of more than 250,000 people over four decades. 24-Hour Hotline: (888) 774-2900. Donations accepted: All other calls: (860) 246-9149. Website: