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LGH is hosting two workshops this December to introduce the Enneagram framework to help team members gain insight into their own personalities that will explain why they feel, think and act as they do. Participants will also come to understand the distinguishing characteristics, traits, attitudes and values of other personality types, and the gifts each type can contribute to the work of a group. A distinguishing characteristic of this personality system is the framework it provides each individual for accessing growth and change to complement our core so that we as leaders can provide the most inclusive and equitable environments for our teams.


This first session will serve as an overview of the Enneagram system and of each of the nine core types. Interactive activities and discussions will serve as the catalyst for enriched learning. Come as an individual or bring your team to learn and explore as a group!  This workshop is for individuals and teams who are not yet familiar with the Enneagram.

????️ December 5th, 2023
???? 8:30am-12:30pm
???? Knox Board Room
United Way
30 Laurel Street Hartford


$300 per person, per session
Group pricing: $250 per person, per session
if 5 or more participants are registered

These sessions work in tandem, but also can also stand alone. Join us for one or both trainings this December!

Sessions facilitated by certified
Enneagram trainers from the LGH staff.