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Meet the artist, Corey Pane painted his first stroke on Monday, October 10!

100 Pearl Street is more than a building! The new space is a reflection of Hartford HealthCare’s purpose, people and pride, and a place where people want to collaborate, connect and come together.

Corey Pane is an artist from Connecticut. He spends most of his time breathing life into new creations. Spanning a wide range of mediums and materials to create with and focusing on the process and experience. Corey graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Hartford Art School and has shown his work in galleries and public, community spaces. He has done work with lots of bands and music related things, as well as professional athletes and other sports related things, like painting the cleats of many athletes.


“My interest in art of all forms has been consistent throughout my entire life. I fell in love with drawing at a very young age and realized later that it was my natural gift and a way I could really express myself in the world. It was my first love and I continuously always want to be creating. Those creations can come out in many different forms, whether it’s visual art, music, film, photography, etc. I love the process involved with creating and developing ideas. To me that is where the true value of art lies. I collect references and inspiration from all over, sometimes that is an intellectual idea or sometimes it’s a piece of discarded trash. Either way I keep collecting and filing all that away, letting that guide me and help me grow to generate a way of spitting all that out into the world in whatever way I see fit. I have many interests and like to spread myself out trying different mediums and trying to absorb as much knowledge and different experiences as I can.

“I naturally gravitated towards painting as a way of expressing myself and I love to paint portraits and capture the endless range of unique expressions and emotions a person can have. I try to capture a person’s spirit and the essence they carry with them. I tend to paint in a more realistic style as I feel people usually respond well to realism, and then I can begin to tell a story from there. I try to create pieces with a narrative and a message telling a story using symbolism. I love allegories and storytelling and I try to do that in a visual way. Sometimes it is inspirational and something that interests me, or maybe a cause or message I am passionate about and want to spread. Other times it’s more personal to my own feelings and emotions. I think creating is just something that flows out and should be something that feels wanted or needed to be, it should never be forced.”