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Hartford, CT – [June 8, 2023] – In a stunning display of economic prowess, Connecticut’s businesses showcase high rankings in the highly coveted 2023 Fortune 500 list, with an impressive 14 companies securing positions. The MetroHartford Alliance, the driving force behind the region’s economic development, is excited to champion this resounding success that bolsters the state’s reputation and positively impacts our communities.

Four of the top performers, including The Hartford, Stanley Black & Decker, Otis Worldwide, and Cigna, hail from the Hartford region, solidifying its pivotal role in the state’s economic landscape. Topping the charts at an impressive #15 is Cigna, a managed healthcare and health insurance powerhouse. Through its unwavering commitment to quality care and innovative solutions, Cigna is transforming the lives of Connecticut’s citizens and setting a new standard of excellence.

The Hartford, a prominent insurance and investment company, secures its place at #174, making a profound impact on the financial security of individuals and businesses alike. By providing reliable coverage and strategic investments, The Hartford plays an instrumental role in safeguarding the future of Connecticut’s residents, contributing to their prosperity and peace of mind.

Stanley Black & Decker, ranked #227, showcases the region’s manufacturing and industrial might. With its unwavering dedication to innovation and ingenuity, Stanley Black & Decker creates job opportunities, boosts the local economy, and solidifies Connecticut’s position as a hub of technological advancement and industrial prowess.

Completing this exceptional quartet is Otis Worldwide at #326, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. Through its cutting-edge technology and world-class installations, Otis Worldwide enhances mobility and accessibility for individuals across Connecticut and the world, fostering convenience and improved quality of life.

Beyond these remarkable Fortune 500 achievements, Connecticut boasts an additional 14 companies in the Fortune 1000 list, further underscoring the state’s economic fortitude and attractiveness to businesses seeking a thriving environment.

The MetroHartford Alliance extends heartfelt congratulations to all Connecticut companies that secured their place among the nation’s top performers. These extraordinary achievements exemplify the collaborative efforts of businesses, government entities, educational institutions, and community organizations, all working in harmony to fuel economic growth and enhance the lives of Connecticut’s citizens.




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