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To sharpen your negotiation skills, join us at this informative panel discussion, featuring women from a variety of career fields.

About this Event

The Women’s Leadership Center at the University of Saint Joseph is pleased to partner with The Hartford to offer this informative discussion on how to negotiate effectively at work, a critical skill needed for all women looking to progress in their careers.

The panel discussion will be moderated by¬†Melanie Sinche, Executive Director of the Women’s Leadership Center and Director of the Career Development Center at the University of Saint Joseph. Speakers will include professionals from The Hartford, including:

Denise L. Amanatidis, Assistant Vice President, Claims Legal

Tatiana Banhon, Director, MLC Property Product

Jennifer Barbee, Managing Director, Middle Market Management Liability

Sandra Traub, Director, Hartford Global Specialty Claims

Throughout the discussion, the speakers will focus on:

  1. Defining negotiation
  2. Sharing the importance of honing negotiation skills
  3. Challenges people tend to face when negotiating
  4. Critical negotiation skills
  5. How to approach common negotiation scenarios

Join us and strengthen your powers of negotiation!

This event is made possible by the generous support of The Hartford.