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WINDSOR LOCKS, CT, January 17, 2024 – The New England Air Museum proudly announces its designation as an official site on the Connecticut Freedom Trail, a significant recognition that honors the state’s rich history of freedom, civil rights, and social justice.

The Connecticut Freedom Trail is a network of sites and events that commemorate the struggles for freedom and human dignity in Connecticut. It showcases key locations associated with the abolition of slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the fight for civil rights. By joining this trail, the New England Air Museum underscores its commitment to preserving and sharing the diverse narratives that have shaped the region’s history.

One of the museum’s standout exhibits, “The Tuskegee Airmen: Their Untold Stories,” highlights the courageous contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African American pilots who served during World War II. Told through the surviving airmen and their families and friends, this exhibit not only educates visitors about the remarkable achievements of these aviators but also explores the challenges they endured in the face of segregation and discrimination.

“Welcoming the New England Air Museum to the Connecticut Freedom Trail as our latest addition is a great honor,” said Connecticut Freedom Trail’s Outreach Director, Tammy Denease.  “NEAM’s ongoing efforts to educate the public is in harmony with the mission of the Connecticut Freedom Trail. Featuring the Tuskegee Airmen and their historic achievements not only enhances the Museum’s offerings but also adds a rich, educational dimension to the Freedom Trail’s diverse narrative.”

“We are honored to be designated as an official site on the Connecticut Freedom Trail,” said New England Air Museum President Stephanie Abrams. “This designation reflects our commitment to preserving and sharing stories of resilience and courage of those who, like the Tuskegee Airmen, overcame racism and discrimination to hold true to their goal of achieving excellence. We believe in the power of education to inspire and unite communities, and this designation reinforces our role as a custodian of history.”

A commemorative plaque designating the New England Air Museum as an official Connecticut Freedom Trail site will be permanently placed on the theater of the Tuskegee exhibit and also alongside the museum sign on Route 75. The date of the official ceremony will be released as soon as possible.


The New England Air Museum is the largest aviation museum in New England, comprised of three large public hangars, outdoor exhibits, and more than 100 aircraft ranging from early airships and flying machines to supersonic jets and helicopters. The museum is located at 36 Perimeter Road (off Route 75) on the North end of the Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Conn. For more information, please visit, call (860) 623-3305, or find us on Facebook.

Since 1995, the Connecticut Freedom Trail (CFT) has commemorated the fight for emancipation from slavery, honoring the courageous African American individuals who paved the way for future generations. The CFT includes a diverse range of locations, including the Underground Railroad’s safe houses, sites associated with the Amistad case of 1839, and the Civil Rights Movement’s sites, gravesites, monuments, homes, and other structures. Each site is carefully documented and designated to ensure future generations remember the remarkable stories of those who fought for freedom and human dignity.  The Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism and the Amistad Committee, Inc. of New Haven, are responsible for maintaining and administering the Connecticut Freedom Trail.  Find us at


Stephanie Abrams
President & CEO
(860) 623-3305

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Vice President, Development
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