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Company Anniversary and Relocation Announcement

Hartford, CT, November 15, 2023: Celebrating its 10th year of business, New Park Creative, the region’s leading digital marketing agency, is proud to announce that it has relocated its Hartford office to an iconic building in the downtown area. In pursuit of excellence and a commitment to enhancing its offerings, New Park Creative is delighted to be located in a new and dynamic setting in the heart of Hartford.

Nestled within the historic Brownstone Building, their new office, located prominently at the corner of Asylum and Trumbull St., symbolizes a strategic move toward innovation and growth. By immersing the up-and-coming marketing agency in a vibrant downtown location, New Park Creative aims to elevate its client experience, offering a blend of modern aesthetics and historical charm. To the organization, this relocation is more than a change of address; it’s a reaffirmation of their dedication to providing unparalleled services.

“As we make this exciting move, we envision our new space as a canvas for creativity and collaboration. This relocation reflects our dedication to innovation, client satisfaction, and contributing to the thriving energy of downtown Hartford.” – Jennifer Chapman, Chief Marketing Officer, New Park Creative

New Park Creative boasts a history of serving businesses in Connecticut and the greater New England Region by offering services such as brand development, marketing strategy, social media management, video production, and website development. Embracing its mission to “surprise and delight,” New Park Creative designs and implements marketing strategies that spark joy and drive performance.

Looking Ahead: A Decade of Creativity and Beyond

2023 has been a year of change, growth, and development for the organization, and it also marks a monumental milestone—its 10th year in business. Celebrating a decade of creativity, collaboration, and client success, New Park Creative is excited to continue delivering excellence in the chapters yet to unfold. When asked about the future of the organization, founder and CEO Carrianne Polo had a lot to share about her vision and the steps she is taking to ensure continued success.

“We plan to continue developing relationships with purpose-driven brands that align with our values. As we celebrate 10 years…we’re on the cusp of exciting work, taking on larger, more complex campaigns and digital experience design projects. With this traction comes the opportunity to positively impact more people and become an even more significant contributor to economic development in Connecticut…our vision is to build a flourishing community, and deliver new and innovative solutions to our clients.” – Carrianne Polo, CEO & Founder, New Park Creative

More than a change of scenery, their recent move represents a synchronicity with the significant milestone in their organization’s journey, inspiring possibilities matched equally by their team’s boundless enthusiasm. New Park Creative wishes to extend heartfelt gratitude to its clients, expressing appreciation for their unwavering support and trust, which has propelled the organization towards continued growth and success.

Embracing the Future with Excitement

As the digital landscape evolves, marketers face opportunities and challenges. As New Park Creative celebrates its anniversary and embraces the present, its gaze is fixed on the future of limitless potential. New Park Creative stands poised to meet the next decade with the same spirit of creativity, innovation, and unwavering dedication to client success. Learn more about the organization at and follow the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.



About New Park Creative:
New Park Creative is a boutique digital marketing agency in Connecticut, serving the tri-state area and beyond. Our team of passionate strategists, designers, and visionary thinkers is dedicated to providing high-performance marketing that inspires. We leverage our deep tactical expertise to craft and share stories that connect with audiences and are proud to work with clients who use the success of their business for good—for their customers, team members, communities, and the world. Our company is 100% woman-owned and a registered minority-owned business. In 2023, we are celebrating ten years of building successful brands and relationships with our clients. This is a testament to the trust, high level of creativity, and strategic thinking put forth in each of our projects.

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