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Obesity is a Disease. World Obesity Day is Monday, March 4th and encourages people to recognize the root causes of obesity, increase knowledge of the disease, and tackle weight stigma.

Over 800 million people around the world, and over 108 million US adults are living with obesity. Obesity is caused by a variety of factors, including biology, mental health, genetics, environment, healthcare access, and access to healthy food.

It is not due to lack of willpower. If you feel stuck, you are not alone. Many of us get into a weight loss cycle and need medical care to address our disease.

Obesity is not just about weight. Weight is one indicator of obesity, but losing weight may improve some weight-related health conditions.

Have you tried over and over again to lose weight? Is the journey difficult and the results don’t seem to last? You may be caught in a cycle that begins when you decide to take action but often ends when you get discouraged as it gets harder to lose weight.

With help, the weight-loss cycle can be broken!
People with excess weight generally make 7 serious attempts to lose weight. Losing weight is a challenge but maintaining those results can be just as hard—creating a weight-management plan with your healthcare provider can help.

It is never too early to focus on weight. Access to safe and effective medical treatment is important. Start today by reaching out to get more information and talk with your health care provider. There are several ways to get help:

Truth About Weight® is Novo Nordisk’s patient-focused obesity education website that provides information and resources to better inform patients and help them take action in managing their weight. Visit this site now.

Rethink Obesity® is Novo Nordisk’s healthcare provider-focused obesity education website, which includes information and resources that highlight obesity as a chronic, progressive disease, not just a health and wellness issue. Visit this site now.

Novo Nordisk Works™ is Novo Nordisk’s employer-focused website that provides resources and information to educate employers on how obesity affects the workforce and encourages organizations to address obesity. Visit this site now.

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