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The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) launches a national study to support communities in evaluating, testing and disseminating best practices for off-site testing of COVID-19. Tapping into its network of multi-stakeholder regional health improvement collaboratives and partners from across the country, NRHI, in partnership with Qualidigm, an NRHI member organization serving as the research partner, is conducting a four-week rapid discovery process. This assessment, in response to federal, state, and local efforts to identify, contain, and treat the virus, will capture and curate best practices and lessons learned for off-site testing. The output will serve as recommendations that can then be quickly implemented at the local level.

“In this unprecedented moment in time, leveraging the power of networks is more vital than ever,” said Craig Brammer, CEO of NRHI and Principal Investigator of the study. “NRHI is drawing on the practical experience and insight of its national membership to help inform local leaders working to protect their communities from COVID-19.”

NRHI’s members and the relationships they have in their communities, nationally, and internationally will help to ensure a comprehensive assessment of testing efforts. The NRHI team will conduct interviews with local and national leaders and scientists responding to the pandemic with focus on three areas: clinical, policy, and reimbursement.

“The Qualidigm research team includes a qualitative research scientist, an epidemiologist and an infection control expert to help aid in quickly capturing and distilling best practices associated with COVID-19 testing,” shares Tim Elwell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Qualidigm. “Our team is honored to do our part in supporting NRHI’s national network effort to support our local healthcare communities in this time of crisis.”

The project is led by Craig Brammer, President and CEO of NRHI and The Health Collaborative, a regional health improvement collaborative in Cincinnati, OH as the Principal Investigator. Lead Advisor is Tim Elwell, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer of Qualidigm headquartered in Connecticut. The project is directed by Jessica Little, Director of Grants & Programs at NRHI and Stacy Donohue, Senior Director at NRHI.