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Hands On Hartford has received a $28,000 grant from Prudential Financial to support the agency’s mission and recognize its “heroic efforts” to address the needs of those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  “We are so grateful for this very generous support from Prudential Financial,” said Barbara A. Shaw, Executive Director of Hands On Hartford.  “In addition to the work we are currently doing to support folks during these challenging times, we have started to hear of the expected long-term effects of the virus on our low income and vulnerable communities. Prudential Financial’s support will go a long way in ensuring that Hands On Hartford can continue to assist this community through what may be a long road to recovery.”

Hands On Hartford has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Prudential Financial and its employees, especially in the area of volunteerism, where for a number of years Prudential and Hands On Hartford have connected through year-long structured community engagement projects supported financially by Prudential.  Employees also volunteer regularly and serve on the Hands On Hartford board of directors.  Prudential has provided financial support to Hands On Hartford’s direct service programs as well as serving as an event sponsor of its 50th Anniversary Celebration last year. The most recent funding is part of the company’s broader commitment to aid communities across America during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hands On Hartford’s MANNA Community Pantry, which serves families all across the City of Hartford, has seen an increase of hundreds of new households seeking assistance over the past two months.  Groceries are now pre-bagged, but still include fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs and meat (including Halal meat for those observing a Halal diet).  The agency’s Community Meals program is currently serving nine meals to go over four days each week and looks forward to the day it can welcome guests back in for sit-down meals.  Their supportive housing program continues to serve a vulnerable population of folks with long term, complex health conditions, ensuring that they remain safely and stably housed and have the support they need for good health and self-care.  All of this essential work has continued during the COVID-19 pandemic with staff taking appropriate precautions and encouraging clients to do the same.

Hands On Hartford, founded in 1969 as Center City Churches, is committed to increasing food security and nutrition, improving health and providing housing while engaging volunteers and connecting communities. Its mission is, in partnership with others, to strengthen community in Hartford by responding faithfully to people in need through programs that change lives and renew human possibility.  For more information about their programs, please visit