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Food banks across the United States are facing a multitude of problems as they try to keep people fed during the pandemic: Double-digit unemployment means demand for food assistance is up. The closure of restaurants means people need more groceries at home, meaning grocers are selling the food they would typically donate. That is forcing food banks to buy far more of their supply – something they expect they’ll have to do for quite some time. To help shoulder the cost, Raytheon Technologies is giving $5 million to Feeding America, a domestic hunger-relief organization that supports food banks and food-security initiatives across the United States. Food banks in 15 regions will receive donations this week to address the increased need for food assistance locally. The initiative is part of Raytheon Technologies’ broader response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is using its manufacturing capacity, engineering, logistics and finance expertise, to carry out initiatives that serve our communities, deliver on our commitments to our customers and protect our employees. Raytheon Technologies is also matching employees’ individual donations to Feeding America as well as other nonprofit organizations, including the Global Foodbanking Network, which serves over 40 countries. “The most important thing I think we can do for our communities, aside from staying indoors and staying home, is to help on the food side,” CEO Greg Hayes said in a message to employees. “I can tell you, we can help and we will help, by donating money directly to Feeding America.”