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From “The Great Resignation,” through bidding wars for talent, to 2023’s 200K+ layoffs (in tech alone), workforce instability is one of the primary market factors keeping the C-Suite up at night. The best leaders know the slightest edge in replacing, readying, and retaining key talent is the difference between falling behind and lapping the competition.

On Wednesday, April 19, join Rebel Interactive Group and top business growth consultants PDP Forward, LLC and The BainBridge Group in an interactive session highlighting proven tactics and innovative strategies that fuel acquisition and ensure an ROI on a company’s most valuable investments: it’s people.

We’ll uncover tactics like:

  • How to leverage technology to attract the right type of applicant
  • Effective onboarding
  • How to leverage gamification in the workplace
  • And more

This event is free, but registration is required. Sign up here.