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Inks Agreement with Sutton Bank to Further Bolster Best-in-Class Partner Network

STAMFORD, CT – Rellevate™, a digital fintech company aimed at facilitating access to consumer financial services for middle and lower-income Americans, officially launched its platform today. The announcement was made by Stewart A. Stockdale, Rellevate’s Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, who also announced that the Rellevate platform will facilitate banking services through Sutton Bank. “There is no better time to launch our digital consumer financial platform for employees who now more than ever need it most. Consumers need a transparent and robust platform that puts them in the driver’s seat of their hard-earned wages by providing convenient and flexible access to their payroll between pay cycles, and Rellevate offers them that and more,” said Stewart A. Stockdale, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Rellevate. “Rellevate, with our new partnership with Sutton Bank, offers products needed by most employees today, including a digital account, Visa® debit card, Pay Any-Day, bill pay, and send money. Our platform has been extremely well received and we look forward to onboarding our first employers in the hospitality and services industries who will make Rellevate’s products available to their employee bases.”
Rellevate’s signature platform includes the following suite of consumer financial services:
Digital Account – allows employees to directly deposit their paychecks into an account that earns money every day

  • Access to Payroll – allows employees to access payroll between pay cycles
  • Visa Debit Card – able to use it everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and also to access funds through ATM’s worldwide
  • Bill Pay – electronic bill payment system
  • Send Money – enables users to move money person-to-person

Sutton Bank is the sponsor bank for select financial service products in the Rellevate suite. In addition, the partnership with Sutton Bank provides FDIC Insurance for the platform’s consumer accounts. “Sutton Bank is pleased to partner with Rellevate and facilitate financial services for Rellevate’s customers,” said Jeff Lewis, SVP-Payments and Prepaid of Sutton Bank. “Sutton continues to work with all of its partners to provide financial services as well as access for companies and consumers in this constantly changing environment.” In addition to Sutton Bank, Rellevate has partnerships with Visa, Visa DPS, Technisys, Allpoint, Payveris, and Accel. “Rellevate has built a complete digital platform and these best-in-class partner companies are helping to bring Rellevate’s programs to life,” said Greg Schneider, Co-Founder & CIO of Rellevate.
Companies interested in offering Rellevate’s digital financial services to their employees can learn more at or by contacting Rellevate at
About Rellevate
Rellevate, Inc. is a digital fintech company dedicated to empowering consumers through innovative financial and payment services that allow them to access, move, and use their money anytime, anywhere. The company’s suite of financial services, offered primarily via employers, include digital accounts, Visa debit cards, access to payroll, bill pay, and send money. For more information on Rellevate, visit Sutton Bank is an Ohio based independent, community bank. Celebrating 140 years of serving our community, where Old-Fashioned innovation takes your payments further. Sutton Bank is a top-performing community bank, as recognized by the Independent Community Bankers of America. Sutton Bank is also invested in payments as a core product, with strong partnerships in the prepaid payments space. One of the earliest banks in prepaid, Sutton offers flexible, customizable card programs with unique functionality and responsiveness.