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Shipman’s labor and employment group’s recently launched podcast From Lawyer to Employer: A Shipman Podcast! The podcast covers all things labor and employment in short 15-20 minute episodes. Each podcast features a conversation between host Gabe Jiran and Shipman lawyers, tackling legal issues that are top of mind for employers.

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Our first episode on the H-1B Visa Cap Lottery may be of interest to GNHCC members in the tech, pharma and bioscience, manufacturing, education and healthcare industries who need to fill vacant positions in “specialty occupations” with professional workers from outside the U.S, especially during the current labor shortage. The March registration period for the FY 2023 Cap Lottery began on March 1st and runs through noon on March 18th. Interested employers should act now to learn more about the H-1B Cap Lottery and Visa process. Listen to our H-1B episode here: The Scoop on the H-1B Cap Lottery

Our second episode was released on March 9th. The topic discussed was “The Latest NLRB Guidance from the General Counsel’s Office.” It is the first episode in a two-part series on NLRB updates. This topic may also be of interest to your private sector members as it relates to unionizing efforts and collective actions. All episodes will be released on our podcast page here: