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What is ‘Shop For A Cause’ and why should I participate?

A new community program in 2020, Shop For A Cause is an initiative dedicated to helping our local businesses get back on their feet as they continue to navigate the economic challenges of COVID-19 and raise money for Foodshare who has been on the front lines of COVID-19 relief efforts.  From October 9 through 11 all participating businesses (shops, restaurants, bars, and more) will donate a portion of their proceeds to Foodshare.

Who will be participating?

Retail shops, restaurants, gyms, bars — any business that wants to participate!

Hartford Athletic and participating businesses will promote the event in advance via social media, email databases, and online channels to together work to maximize traffic to their stores and the overall donation. Participating businesses will display green and blue balloons (provided by Hartford Athletic) outside of their location to show customers that they are participating in the event, and if they choose, will run a Hartford Athletic special.

How do I sign up to learn more?

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