My Favorites, a free, volunteer-run not-for-profit website, is encouraging consumers to “shop Black” on Small Business Saturday. The site lists more than 1,700 Black-owned businesses from every county in Connecticut. ShopBlackCT will launch its annual Holiday Discount Guide on Black Friday—November 25—and will host a free virtual Black-owned business showcase on Facebook Live from 12:00-1:30pm on November 26.

The site was launched in July 2020 and has grown to become the “go-to” resource for finding Black-owned businesses in Connecticut.

“Supporting Black-owned businesses is important now more than ever, as the nation deals with inflation. While all small businesses are feeling its impact, Black-owned businesses face even greater challenges,” shared ShopBlackCT founder Sarah Thompson. “By choosing to support Black-owned businesses, consumers can contribute to shrinking the racial wealth gap, fostering local job creation, and tackling systemic racism.”

Yvette Young, ShopBlackCT co-lead, added: “We all need to make intentional choices about how we’re choosing to allocate our dollars, not only on Small Business Saturday but throughout the year.”

The ShopBlackCT Holiday Discount Guide can be accessed at Join ShopBlackCT on Facebook Live at on Saturday from 12:00-1:30pm for its Virtual Small Business Saturday Business Showcase. Winners of the 2022 Best of ShopBlackCT Awards will be featured along with many other local businesses. Viewers will be able to access special deals, enter to win giveaways and more.


About ShopBlackCT:

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ShopBlackCT is a volunteer initiative and not-for-profit site featuring more than 1,700 Black-owned businesses in Connecticut. The mission of ShopBlackCT is to challenge structural racism and transform the legacy of economic and social inequity in the U.S. by providing a platform to drive business to and awareness of local Black-owned businesses.

​ A team of volunteers give their time, energy and talent to keep this site running and relevant. This effort is 100% about giving, lifting others up and expecting nothing in return. Team members do not profit anything off the site nor is the site used for any financial or personal gain. Accessing or submitting listings to ShopBlackCT is free and additional support is provided to business owners through pro bono digital marketing, writing and photography services. Businesses never have to pay for any services to receive support from ShopBlackCT.

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