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HARTFORD, Conn., June 14 , 2021 — Silver Fern Healthcare announced today that Dr. A. Mark Fendrick joined its Board of Advisors. Dr. Fendrick serves as Director of the University of Michigan’s Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) Center, and as a Professor of Internal Medicine in the School of Medicine and a Professor of Health Management and Policy in the School of Public Health.

“We are thrilled Dr. Fendrick has joined our esteemed Board of Advisors,” said Colleen A. McGuire, Co-Founder and CEO of Silver Fern Healthcare. “Dr. Fendrick conceptualized and coined the term VBID and is a highly respected, national figure in healthcare policy. He is deeply committed and a true advocate for the development and implementation of innovative health benefit plans with a focus on value-based design. His extensive experience in whole-person care will allow Silver Fern to fuel our growth and maturation in the space.”

Dr. Fendrick’s extensive work and research focus on how clinician payment and consumer engagement initiatives impact access to care, quality of care, and healthcare costs. He has received numerous awards for the creation and implementation of value-based insurance design and his perspective and understanding of clinical and economic issues have fostered collaborations with numerous government agencies, health plans, professional societies, and healthcare companies.

“Almost everyone agrees that there is more than enough money being spent on healthcare in America, but we spend it on the wrong services and in the wrong places. Silver Fern’s clinically-driven solutions, based on three decades of evidence-based research, have been demonstrated to engage individuals, improve patient-centered outcomes, and enhanced efficiency of medical spending,” said Dr. Fendrick.

Founded in 2013, Silver Fern’s current Board of Advisors includes John Beyer; President, Realized Solutions Inc.; Dan Clare, Partner, Constitution Capital Partners; Cathy Eddy, Founder and Former President of Health Plan Alliance; Richard Guha, Entrepreneur in Residence, CTNext; Donna Lecky, CFO & Co-Founder of Health Venture Corporation & Managing Director of HealthVenture Capital; Gbenga Ogedegbe, MD, Professor & Director, NYU Grossman School of Medicine; Sohini Roy, Former CFO, Nexseer Capital, David Souder, Professor of Strategic Management, UConn School of Business, and Martha Temple, Former CEO of Optum Behavioral Health.