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Silver Fern Healthcare, a mission-driven SaaS company offering solutions backed by 30 years of evidence-based research to better control and prevent chronic disease and to improve health outcomes, announced the launch of its client-facing Behavior and Psychosocial Insights Dashboard. The Dashboard harnesses data from Silver Fern’s patient assessments to provide insights about specific subgroups and whole populations.

With one-in-two adult Americans suffering from preventable, lifestyle-related chronic conditions, Silver Fern’s first-of-its-kind behavior diagnostic and decision support platform helps clinical care teams uncover and address the daily behaviors and the social, environmental, and behavioral health factors that directly impact a person’s ability to prevent or manage chronic diseases. Silver Fern currently offers nearly two-dozen assessment modules and five disease programs: Type 2 Diabetes; Heart Failure; Hypertension; Prediabetes; and Healthy Lifestyle & Disease Prevention. Silver Fern also offers a growing number of specially designed programs and custom packages that address common issues with chronic disease management, such as medication adherence, Social Determinants of Health, and the integration of chronic care management and behavioral health.

“Having precise and actionable data is essential to taking informed actions that move the needle on population health, so for us it was critical to collaborate with our clinical users to design a display and analysis tool that would provide clinical care teams with data that is easy to access, sort, and interpret,” Garry Welch, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, said.

The result is Silver Fern’s dedicated reporting server and customizable Tableau dashboards, where clients can view never-seen-before population-level health data about their patients’ behaviors, goals, and barriers. With access to these data-driven insights, clinical care teams can more effectively measure the behaviors and barriers of populations, while health plans, employers, and providers can use that data to inform quality improvement initiatives and develop proactive and targeted campaigns to address the needs of populations, driving down costs and improving health outcomes.

“Data from our recent work with a major health plan revealed that many of their members believed that blood glucose strips were unaffordable and were, therefore, not checking their blood sugars as recommended,” Colleen A. McGuire, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said. “The members didn’t know that strips were, in fact, a covered benefit under their insurance. Using this information, the health plan developed communication to their members, identifying and removing the perceived barrier, enhancing adherence, and reducing costly downstream medical care.”

The Dashboard also enables effective integration of Silver Fern’s products into team workflows by providing care management supervisors with usage data for their teams. Silver Fern’s data visualization approach allows supervisors to see real-time participant onboarding, engagement, and outcomes data, allowing for program modifications and pivots.

On a macro level, the data offered by Silver Fern can be a leading indicator of program and treatment effectiveness. Administrators can use these insights to create, modify and micro-target programs to proactively address concerns sooner than they may have otherwise with traditional data and processes.